This page contains questions that are commonly asked by our users. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us.

How do I use TEDALLAS LIVE?OpenClose
Watching your program is designed to be an easy process. Complete steps 1, 2 and 3, then enjoy. Step 1) Select a "Live" or "Archived" (pre-recorded) from the schedule tabs at the top of your page. Step 2) Make your event selection by clicking "Watch". If the game is more than one day in the future, you can set an email reminder. Step 3) Log on or register. The player page will automatically start. 1, 2, 3, ENJOY!
How do I find the event I want to see?OpenClose
First, decide whether you'd like to watch the event live. If the event ended more than four 4 hours ago, you can view it by clicking the "Archive" tab at the top of the page.

"Live" will display games for today or some point in the future.

"Archive" will display games that were played today or sometime in the past. Rember, archived events will not play until a minimum of 4 hours past the scheduled start time.
Is the site free?OpenClose
All schedule functions are free. You can look up any event on the LIVE or ARCHIVE schedule. If you want to use the automatic reminder, you will have to register.
How do I get the event to play on my computer?OpenClose
First, this service requires a broad band connection. Once selected, the event will automatically begin playing on the embedded Media Player. Temple Emanu-El Live uses Microsoft Silverlight. This high quality player is free, installs quickly and automaticly.
I am using a MAC. Can I watch the video?OpenClose
Temple Emanu-El Live uses Microsoft Silverlight which renders a sharper picture and is natively compatible with Safari and Firefox as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is designed to work with all newer generation MACs. Before your event starts, please click on the "Featured Video" link to make sure your player is installed and set up correctly. If you are using an older MAC and it is not compatible with "Microsoft Silverlight" or the Apple HLS stream, you will not be able to watch the video on your computer. We have tested in Windows Explorer, Firefox and Safari. With Safari, you should be able to view the event automatically with no download or installation.
How can I change the picture size?OpenClose
If you want the picture to be larger or smaller, you can click the button labeled "Variable Size Player". This will start a free floating Player that allows you to drag the lower right corner in or out in order to infinitely scale the picture to a desired size.
Do you send reminders for future events?OpenClose
You can select events from the schedule that will be webcast in the future. You will need to either ligin or register, then click on "Set reminder" associated with the desired event. You will receive an email one day prior to the scheduled event. Event times may change, so double check the schedule shortly before the scheduled time.
My screen is black and there is no sound, what should I do.OpenClose
If you log into an event very shortly prior to the scheduled start time, you may receive a black screen if the transmission has not yet begun. Check the time and click the player start button or the browser refresh button a little closer to event start time. If it is still black, or if the transmission is disrupted at the venue, periodicly refresh your browser until you receive the webcast feed.
What is the privacy policy on viewer registration information?OpenClose
We respect your privacy. This information is never sold or shared with any third party.

Temple Emanu-El will only use your information for: 1) statistical purposes 2) to contact you if you request help in solving a technical problem 3) to determine programming that members are most interested in
Can I order a DVD of an event?OpenClose
The operator of Temple Emanu-El Live is only licensed to webcast events live and on demand from archive files. The owner of the content rights, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX or other owners would have to grant permission to an individual or a vender. If you need a hard copy, please contact the Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX administrators.
I forgot my passwordOpenClose
If you have forgotten your password, simply click the "I've forgotten my password" link on the login page. It s right under the "password" field. The system will send a message to your registered email account with a new temporary password.
I want to change my passwordOpenClose
Login and click on the "My Account" link. Next, click on "Change Password".
Can I watch on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?OpenClose
Our system webcasts are compatible with all Apple mobile devices. Play will not start until you click the arrow in the center of the viewing area.
My iPhone and iPad work fine at home, but not away from home.OpenClose
If you are attempting to view on a 3G connection and the picture buffers and/or reverts to just audio after a few seconds, you will need to connect to a WIFI signal.

Temple Emanu-El webcasts many of its events using adaptive streaming. These events allow your player to automatically select between high and lower bit rates depending on your connection. Your device will always choose the highest resolution that it is capable of receiving.
Will CTVT webcasts play on my Droid?OpenClose
At this time, we do not support the Android operating system, however a Silverlight app is under development and should be available this year.
How can I report a problem or a job well done to the production crew of a live event?OpenClose
You can report a condition directly to the production crew during a live event. Simply click on the "Trouble/Feedback" button located on your player page. Check the appropriate boxes and hit "Submit". Your response will immediately be available either directly to the production crew or the Sports Information Director. If a problem is reported, it will be corrected as quickly as possible.
How can I make a donation to Temple Emanu-El to help cover the cost of producing webcasts?OpenClose
Donating is simple and very appreciated. Just click on the DONATE tab at the top of every page. It will take you directly to the giving section of tedallas.org. You can set up your contribution without missing any of the webcast.
What is the best way to view events on a Mac?OpenClose
Use your Safari browser. Our system will automatically detect Safari on a Mac and the events will play on your native video player. There is nothing to download or install.
Can I use Firefox or Chrome browsers on my Mac?OpenClose
You can view events on Firefox or Chrome on your Mac but you will have to download and install Microsoft Silverlight with these browsers.

Safari on the Mac will play the events with no no download or installation.
I need assistance, what should I do?OpenClose
Currently, Temple does not have regular customer support. They do have a volunteer that will help during business hours and, if not in services him/herself, will be glad to assist.

You can call 214-363-9595 and, if someone is available, they will be glad to help.