This page contains questions that are commonly asked by our users. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us.

How do I use TE Live?

There are 2 schedules, “Live” and “On Demand”. The complete schedules can be viewed from the menu or a short list of most recent is available on the “Home” page”.

“On Demand” will display events that were played today or sometime in the past. Remember, On Demand events will not appear until a minimum of 4 hours past the scheduled start time of the event.

Is the site free?

All schedule functions are free.

Does Temple benefit if you register?

The future registration will allow you to identify yourself in the “Chat” function, currently hidden. Temple will also be able to enhance programming more precicely if they know who is interested in different programs. No information will ever leave the Temple office.

Will I be able to register for special events and learning programming?

Currently, registration is turned off but it will be used in the future in association with advanced programming features.

How do I get the event to play on my device?

Simply press “Watch” and the video will play. TELive is compatible with Android devices, Safari and Chrome. Temple will be adding Apple TV and ROKU in the future. You can also use Apple AirPlay or Google ChromeCast.

How can I change the picture size?

Embedded content can only display in normal or full screen. This is content from Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. Any content played from the Temple server will have extra options for wide screen, full browser (theater mode) or full screen.

Do you send reminders for future events or events?

When logins are allowed in the future, you will be able to register and be reminded via email a day prior to an event on your “reminder list”.

Does TEDallas Live webcast events both on campus and away?

Most programming takes place from the Temple campus, both inside and outside, but programming from the cemetery or other venues can be webcast.

The program has started but is not playing, what should I do.

Our system will auto sense that the signal has either not started the transmission has dropped out and will refresh every 10 seconds awaiting for the signal to come back. You can also manually refresh the page.

What is the privacy policy on viewer registration information?

We respect your privacy. This information is never sold or shared with any third party. TEDallas Live will not solicit you for products or services. TEDallas Live will only use your information for: 1) statistical purposes 2) to contact you if you request help in solving a technical problem 3) to enhance future programming

Can I order a DVD of a event?

TEDallas Live is only licensed to webcast events live and on demand content.

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, simply click the “Lost your password” on the login page. It s right under the “password” field. The system will send an email with a link to re-set it.